Some of Our Projects

Winsor Lofts

Norton & Associates provided all the plubming work on this multi-unit apartment building.
The unique layout of the historic building allowed us to be creative with the fixtures.
Restoring a historic building with modern fixtures was rewarding.
Special care was given to the historic preservation of the building.



Another historic renovation project was the Silvercrest Children's Hospital.
It was completely renovated into a senior assisted living facility.
These water heaters can heat 100 gallons of water in 7 minutes, each.

The project took a little under a year to complete.


Norton & Associates was very proud to be the plumbing contractor for the new New Albany Fire Station #4.
We created a professional grade kitchen with a fresh, modern look.
Another example of a high capacity, energy efficient water heater.
It was our pleasure to provide our firefighters with modern fixtures and appliances.